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Visa/ATM Cards

Verified by Visa is a unique service that uses personal passwords to help protect you from unauthorized use of your Visa Debit and Visa Credit cards. Once your cards are registered, no one else can use your Visa card numbers at any participating online stores - without the personal passwords you created.

Now, if you haven't registered your VISA card when you try to purchase online from a participating merchant, you will be required to enroll for Verified by VISA.

To apply for a ATM and VISA Credit Card simply fill out this form, print it then send it to us at:

Apply for VISA Debit or ATM Card

Apply for VISA Credit Card

RAH Federal Credit Union 45 Diauto Drive Randolph, MA 02368
You may also fax it to us at 781-986-6467.

VISA Introductory Rate 6.99% APR* Balance Transfe  - 6 Months from posting date
$10,000.00 Limit
No Annual Fee  
9.99% APR* Cash Advance and Purchases
Recouperation Fee Applies If Loan Paid Off in Less than 3 Yrs 

  *APR = Annual Percentage Rate.